Chesterfield Bar Hire

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Bars2you Ltd only provide the highest of standard of Chesterfield bars because when it comes down to mobile bar hire, they know that all their customers only deserve the best.

We can provide the wonderful old English styled bar in many forms and colours.  You have the option of circular, half circular or straight Chesterfield bars.  We can even mix and match colours to your specification to have exactly what you need to impress your guests. The luxurious Circular bar has the capacity to serve up to 400 guests making it perfect for a center piece to your event where as straight English styled bar can serve up to as many as you want, as you can just keep adding to make it as big as your heart desires.

Possible Combinations

  • All Black
  • All White
  • All Red
  • All Grey
  • Black Leather Front / White Top
  • White Leather Front / Black Top
  • White and Black Mixed / White Top
  • White and Black Mixed / Black Top
  • White and Black Mixed / White and Black Top


Customise the bars to suit your event

We can offer the option to make changes to the bar bespoke to ensure the bar will suit your event.

For example we offer the following options, but are open to make any more that are required to ensure the event runs smoothly.

  • Without back bar, to have more staff working the bar.
  • With back bar to give a platform for spirits etc.
  • Refrigeration
  • Illuminated leather facia
  • Illuminated back bar to showcase the products being served.
  • Draught systems can be added.
  • Cocktail equipment i.e speed rails.



We have provided these bars for all occasions.  We have supplied the likes of 3 Network with the black Chesterfield Island bar and the white Chesterfield Island Bar to the owner of Middlesborough FC for his daughters wedding.

For more information please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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